Next step has arrived

The door has opened to renew my update on the situation aswell, Im ofcourse not gonna shut down the project. Actually Ive expaned the project.

But thats gonna be a future telling when its arrived :)


Til then Ive started making goallists of both doings and personal developing progresses and other goals och wishes for the trip.

Its gonna be a trip for 3 months to a year, all depending on the situation. My intuition is telling me other things gonna show up as well, so Im gonna be flexible in the situation.

Besides the months Ive also figured that Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain is my contries of wish so far. One personal goal is to sing and play guitar in public to make money. So thats gonna be fun, Ive already prepared for this when auditioning swedish idol last year. I needed to be braver and get closer on a childhood experience that shaped me bad when it comes to singing in front of people. 

I was really scared, but it was looooooooads of fun. Despite my nerveousness Ive manneged to come to the fourth jury. The tv jury.

But after that Ive freaked out, haven't sleped and also started to get a cold. 

But I did it, and thats success in my heart, when you try to do something and gain learnings and gears in the process.


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