In a soceity were we put money as a fair value for a human, what is true worth?


I realise the more into this process I go that I will see things from other perspectives, it really blooms.

And if we talk a little about value systems. Do you know whats your value system? How do you value other people around you and why?

Its a really smooth game to check you intentions with people, rip that little ego motherfkh.


I also have a distinct belive that how we value others in our surroundings, and why. Is a good telling for how you value yourself.

But never listen to me for gods sake ;)


The past days I just rocked on, said whats my thoughts and have not backed down from expressing me. 

The decision have made me stronger.

I always make sure to remind myself that Im loved on a dayily basis.

About value, I now instead of different shampoos and other toilets articles only use one product for both hair and body. In sweden we call this Grönsåpa, a very good smelling treeoil product. Also very cheap and can be used cleaning clothes. My hair actually likes it, and my hair is really sensitive. And of course I also have coconut oil.

Makeup has been sorted, and goal is to let makeup go aswell. 


Rock on with peace.


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