The 100% Love challenge

1 hour of meditation
No selfnagging about house chores or about the body temple, the temple of love.
No outer layers changing is apperence for atleast one mounth. Nothing, no shaving, no makeup. No new clothes etc.
Just love.
And follow my way.

"Im the creator of my own reality."
How bitter it is, how sweet it is. Is all up to me.
Life happens, grediness exists, Love exists.
Everything exists.
Acceptance is a beautiful thing, it lets me see into reality for what it is. It lets me accept reality as it is, it makes me strong and proud when I listen to my inner being.
Accepting the strongness of my own being is also accepting reality for what it is, sometimes my courage have to be close in my hand, cuz as a child I learned to be quite and sit still in school. But reality and life always has its ways, and strong and proudly as looking back, I see a confused child, in whitch I have guided home again. A child I nourish, give hope and strength to in time of needs. And therefore "know-one" can tell me Im wrong when taking actions. I fly freely.
The mistakes are not mistakes, but only my greatest teachers.
To see and accept the potential of my own existence, to vibe in the highest reality I can create for myself, is gonna be my message. To show love, give love but foremost, Love oneself.
Love guides my process, all spiritual an religious techers tells ous this. The law of attraction, recieve what we give, also teaches ous feelings of unconditional love[Agape], and to get there mentally.
Its the non egoistic, but also very egoistic way to go, to just let myself be me and love the process. For the path is the goal.
To let go of outer pressure, to let my own strenght become one with reality as it is.
To accept the strongness of my own guinding system, my feelings. To praise them and commit to live one with source itself. Source as my inner selfknowledge, my spirit.
"What feels right in the moment".
Forgiveness is the ultimate key to surrender to this majestic feelings of true blissfullness, to let go of greediness and find the keys withing myself. To stop selfneglecting and just live with the moment, realease fear, gain strenght and courage here and now. To be playfull, cheerful and happy for others sake aswell. Laugh easy, and cry alot.
Cuz life is a playground.
Pure love and light energy of zen masters, gurus, religious messiahs all spoke about this "vibe" or as we know it intuition connected to feeling of goodness. Or as shamans tells it, the path from the heart to the brain and to connect them both into balance.
As known as the laws of physics, to what we now know, energy can not be destroyed but only converted.
We can now for sure see life as eternal energy. And ourself as eternal feeling beings.
The liberation of the mind, to create your own reality.
My myself as the one most importent healer of my own system, the true guider of my own life. The acceptance of this fact as absolutly truth, though no one else is resposible for my life more then my myself and I. To choose to learn and be open for appretiation, good vibing people, and techers in all forms on the way.
The feelings of this calling Is within me, It calls to be, seeks me as I have seeked it. And it shows to me as my inner guidingsystem, to think a though and then wait, and feel for the answear. To be ready and recieve the right answear, in such ways as giving myself more time. Inner peace.
Feelings are the guide to your own infinite You-niverse. With your minds connected to your heart you stand tall and pride in the creation of your own reality.
Your own cosmos, in which you decide, you create, you design.
A concess play, to play with people who gets happy with your own expansion, who encurage me to follow my own blissfullnes to the core being of my strongly beating heart.
I am the hope of humanity, I am are the true wisdomkeeper of my own life.
Everything I am are is pure Love, pure energy, pure positive cosmos.
Im the guider, the kepper, the fucking wizard, of my blissfull existence.


To thank nature or its healing kisses right applied to my wounds, nature is the true essence of nirvana.
"Jag förstår hur vacker jag är, jag förstår min resa.
Jag förstår hur mycket jag kämpar för att vara där jag är, jag förstår att det varit tufft.
Jag förstår och vördar min kärlek till den jag är.
Jag förstår att jag inte bara ska förstå andras acceptans till sig själva. Men också min egna.
Jag förstår mitt själsliga syfte.
Jag förstår mig, älskling, jag förstår dig."
Och du, jag är så jävla stolt och tacksam för det.

Roadtrip tips: park for nights-> app, airfilter är bra att ha till husbil.

Next step has arrived

The door has opened to renew my update on the situation aswell, Im ofcourse not gonna shut down the project. Actually Ive expaned the project.

But thats gonna be a future telling when its arrived :)


Til then Ive started making goallists of both doings and personal developing progresses and other goals och wishes for the trip.

Its gonna be a trip for 3 months to a year, all depending on the situation. My intuition is telling me other things gonna show up as well, so Im gonna be flexible in the situation.

Besides the months Ive also figured that Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain is my contries of wish so far. One personal goal is to sing and play guitar in public to make money. So thats gonna be fun, Ive already prepared for this when auditioning swedish idol last year. I needed to be braver and get closer on a childhood experience that shaped me bad when it comes to singing in front of people. 

I was really scared, but it was looooooooads of fun. Despite my nerveousness Ive manneged to come to the fourth jury. The tv jury.

But after that Ive freaked out, haven't sleped and also started to get a cold. 

But I did it, and thats success in my heart, when you try to do something and gain learnings and gears in the process.

To be busy with not being busy

To much rules rules this world, we are condemned if we do. And we are likewise if we don't.

While looking at the episode of with Navid Modiri and Lars Vilks got me again thinking about the rules we have over other people to listen to ous. To talk loud, fast or ignore the person. A structure of dominance behaviour wich comes from a part of the brain that is made for survival mode. 
Its something with grace and dancing that always comes to my mind while thinking of something as basic as a proper dialouge. The balance it gives you and the connection you have while feeling fully accepted, not judge but merly just loved by another human being. 

This past year thats exactly what Ive been up to, alot of joy have arrived in my life in form of my man <3

And even though sometimes expansion not happens outside. A fully grown garden lies within to those who dare to seak the anwears to their questions.

Never fear the dark.



Deep as the butthole.

Some people are so poor inside, they don't even enjoy taking a shit. I find that very relifeing and sad, reliefing cuz I really enjoy it. And sad, cuz people are such bastards to themself they don't even acknowledge that good realising shit feeling.


I finally got out from a stressfull situation. An everytime I handle that shit, I end up getting wiser as I shit. Or in the shower... The power of our natural habits are therefore indeed powerfull..

So besides shitting and showering. I've also meditate. Think I meditate about 20 min a day, almost everyday for like.. 3-4 months now. And I can really let go of shit, and enjoy taking a shit much more.

But the best shit about that is though. Im no longer taking shit! Y


So why all this talking about shits all of a sudden..? You may ask.

Its easy, fun and a lightweighter.


Peeeeeeeeeace shauuuum!

Pumpkin love


With the storms life changes.


I have with 100% sureness choosed housecar as a future living, so thats gonna be the goal with my economy. Im really tired of swedish winters, and the thoughts is that I can go out in Europe during the winters. Work there, maybe come back in the summers.  Something something! Life always solves the gaps.


I have had a "stopping time period" last weeks. Can't fully apply selling certain things, this journey have me looking at my ego like "whaaaaaat, really?! You bought that for that reasons. LOOOL. C'mon precious pumpkin sweetie biscuit. You know thats just an Illusion of what you may need but outside yourself". Its a really cool process going through, definitly a stronger but ligther experience of life. Deliciously stormy!


I just got my first dreads aswell <3

 Couldn't be more happy with the results.



In a soceity were we put money as a fair value for a human, what is true worth?


I realise the more into this process I go that I will see things from other perspectives, it really blooms.

And if we talk a little about value systems. Do you know whats your value system? How do you value other people around you and why?

Its a really smooth game to check you intentions with people, rip that little ego motherfkh.


I also have a distinct belive that how we value others in our surroundings, and why. Is a good telling for how you value yourself.

But never listen to me for gods sake ;)


The past days I just rocked on, said whats my thoughts and have not backed down from expressing me. 

The decision have made me stronger.

I always make sure to remind myself that Im loved on a dayily basis.

About value, I now instead of different shampoos and other toilets articles only use one product for both hair and body. In sweden we call this Grönsåpa, a very good smelling treeoil product. Also very cheap and can be used cleaning clothes. My hair actually likes it, and my hair is really sensitive. And of course I also have coconut oil.

Makeup has been sorted, and goal is to let makeup go aswell. 


Rock on with peace.




The world spins around its orbit today, the suns their and the air we breath in is a part from the process of the sun, center of the orbit we spins around. Apprecitation felt for the perfection in what is.

Everything is connected, everything serves its purpose.


Do we know why we do things..Truly why we do them?

Can we listen to it, can we find out, by listening to ourselves?


Purpose, whats your puspose?


Do we listen to ourself inwards as much as we listen to the world outside ourselves?

"When we say we are disconnected from ourselves, we also mean we are disconnected from nature. We are not separated from nature, we are a part of nature"


I have been listening to many people talking about the creation of law of attraction. But never have I truly felt it so strong as when I follow my true feelings. 

When I talk about true feelings I mean what I actually feel about something, and not what the world has inspired och manipulated me to feel.

And when I talk about law of attraction I mean "what you give is what you recieve", listen to peopl as Operah infrey and Jim carrey on the subject. Or just google it, you will thank yourself when getting to know about it, it changed my whole looking at life in a positive way. Abraham Hicks has guided me in my decisions together with Jordan Peterson. And ofcourse, me. The best guider to myself when listening clearly.


How often do we ask ourselves questions as "Are you okay today", and how often do we say "You did a wonderful job cleaning up the dishes". Feelings we can by ourself create to heal ourself, and the world around ous. How conscious can we be about it?


The wakeup call for me was 2 years ago, I got everything I wanted in the laws of physics. The man I wanted, the house I wanted. But I was not satisfied, because I had forgotten to listen to myself in terms of "what do I need to be happy". What do I feel?

We seperated, I quit my old job, started a new one and shortly after I moved to study. The courses taught abut Cognitive neuroscience, positive psychology.

And what I learned in my wakeup call was here learned in the name of science. You create your own happiness.

The book of the month.


After many ups and down in my life, thats what I learned. I can choose to see things from different perspectives. But its your choosing, and your feelings are therefore your responsibility.


I feel more now, I think less. I create more love for myself and those around me, and I go through suffer deeply when it arrives as a okay process. No drama, pure love. Often is the thoughts about suffer what we are more afraid of then the suffering itself. 


But never again shall I worry about things that are not mine to worry about.

And every step on the way I work towards not being afraid anymore. Afraid of spiders, afraid of showing my emotions, afraid of dreaming big. Afraid of what other people think about me.

The more I learn Im just a vibrational being having a human experince. And the feelings are the center of my vibe, my guiding system.


Im in love, Im in love.

And I experience true healing here.


I looked at a movie on netflix called the minimalism, it talks about society alot. How we are trained to have this huge hole inside of ous that we constantly try to fill with more things. In their life every thing they have served its purpose, no extra stuff laying around. 

The also talked about Project 333, thats a philosophy to only own 33 things to wear.

Use things, Love people. Is the basic message.


The giving away have started and I listen in, in in. Follow myself in the process. Pet my head when Im not going the right direction but I try my best.

Im fantastic, Im magical, Im powerfull. Im nice to myself and others.

Im ready.


So what is purpose? Whats our purpose?

I believe its only ourself that can find the meaning of our life. What makes our heart beats a little bits faster, what sets our souls on fire. And the more I dare to dream, the braver I become, the more I slow down, the more I see.

I met a man on a bike a copule of days ago that asked me about the way, and we talked about alot of things. But our base was the teaching of life. And he said to me that we ourselves are the best teachers for ourselves.

I met alot of these people when heading inwards, souls that light a path of showing life in other aspects. 

Thats the law of attraction working in my favour.

The more I deep down in this mystical world of feelings, the more I love it.

I positivitly sure thats my purpose, for now.



Love, Sandra. The creater of her own reality.

It vibes

Hello there blueberry pumpkin sweeters.

Oh my god... 

Life vibes so much right now, its amost like everything thats got set in motion just exloded after my decision yesterday. 

Love is coming back and filling holes that needed to be filled, its almost like a breathing in after a long outbreathing. 


"One day all love that you have given is gonna come back to you and stay"

Courage is needed on this trip and universe both deliveres and tests me in that subject, and today I made a new friend at work when allowing myself to fully express myself. To learn yourself fully express you is a tingeling experience, things just work out in such a magical way when doing it. Its more about letting go and just go with the flow and love it on the way.
It all started with "beautiful hair!" and ended with her riding with me. And shows that she lives nearby and are here from Manchester to develope the company. Both of ous was "OMG I HAVE FOUND A NEW FRIEND!!" vibing. Hahahaah love those moments so much.

My boss also today showed me the biggest empathy ever showed by any boss Iv'e had(I worked in psychiatry before lol), my horse runs with the wind now and the last two weeks has therefore meant alot of tears for me. But the company that I work on has show alot of understanding about the subject, to the degree that the tears have changed from suffering to "they are so nice thank you so much" tears.. He layed a hand om my shoulder and really looked me in the eyes while asking how I cope, my boss is awesome.

Its a bit weird though, without me diving to deep on the subject. That the psychiatry itself have shown less empathy then a workplace that produces lamps. Maybe they also light the fire within at the same time. Haha, but Im reallyy gratefull and thankfull having a work that shows me so much more appreciation for my being. 


Ive looked at new livings since I moved to Jönköping, Im in love with nature and living in the city has been a bit stressfull.. looked at two different alternatives, one cottage and a collective community with many seeds planting for developing. They guy starting it was very inspiring. The last one is very interesting, at the same time its a bit far. And also the first one included both a horse and a donkey.. Humle, donkey and Elvis, horsie. They also had own egs they sell, old paradise dreamcottage more or less despite the fact the lived neighbors with a enclosured hunting zon of wild pigs.

Hahah had the little dog with me and she and the donkey just ran around playing with eatchother xD

Im tbh a bit tired of changing house and moving around, at the same time that I love moving around. I guess, that means I must find a place that feels "this is totally worth it". I love looking at houses though, its been a fav thing to do ever since I was little.

Gonna show some pic of the cottage, the wallpapers are delicious. One of them are from 1700th and the one in the kitchen 1800th.

The farm was from the 1700th and they have done a real good job restoring it.

Omg just look at the doors. 


Feeling a bit calmer over my decision making today, mostly cuz the universe just like "OF COURSE THIS IS WHAT YOU WANT TO DOOOO!". 


Im gonna write a bit about law of attraction tomorrow, wich has helped me alot in my search for myself so I really want people to know about it.


Good night loved ones.

Its the possibility to make a dream come alive, that makes life excitening.

Hallo there, Im having a time figuring out whether or not writing in English or Swedish is my choice. 

It looks to me that English is gonna be "dah choice."

Writing in English will also help me develope my language skillz, and Im in many ways sure this will help me on the way in my goals. Im therefore also open for help from you readers editing me.


Im going through this phase in my inner self thats a bit afraid of exposing the real me cuz im kinda exploding and imploding at the same time in a fast pace..

If I get philosofical about it I might as well say that Id rather try failing then wanting love for fake me.

Im also sure I can't fail being me, hahaha its kinda ridiculous when you think about it omg.

Why are we even so afraid of being loved for what we truly are?



Sooo im gonna take the easy way, the real easy way. The easy living way, for awhile.. A year? A life?

Im not gonna be all Pocahontas about it and say that the trees told me, even if they did. 

This blog is gonna serve me as a portal of expressing my emotions, set my goals and go with the inspiration that follows or the other way around.

Maybe new or old friends come on the way, who knows. I think blogging seems like a really good tool to reach out and find "your people".


This is gonna happen in calm and peacefull stages and today was my first decision on really accepting it and be like; Okidoki then, Im ready to sell and give away everything Ive worked my ass of having.

Its both frustrating and mindfreeing to realise that what you thought would make you happy was a lie illusioned by yourself. Im staying positive though, cuz if I did not buy it I would never have come to realise it.


And in the same way I know with all my heart that this is truly what I want to do. Im also questioning every step on the way, which I also truly belive is a good thing. Im therefore also open to just run the other direction if I feel for it. 


Today Ive taken a big step back to contemplate my situation with the little dog and the big lake, and yeah Im scared as a dear in trainlights ready. 
Mostly cuz my intuition said "do it." And Im always more or less in synk with that bitch. I love her though. Wink wink.



So basically the main question is

"Who am I, when sociaty doesn't shape me anymore?"


Sounds as excitening and scary as a rollercoaster.

And expansion has already started to grow from the planted seeds.


Welcome to the joyride.